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We have many achievements in the fields of "life science", "computer science" and "software engineering".

We are also backed by experienced advisors from industry stakeholders.



Yosuke Ozawa

 Ph.D. Co-Founder CEO

• Ph. D. Systems Biology

-ex IBM Research

• More than 20 patents

• Startup experience in the UK(Ranked 83rd in Europe in 2012-2015 according to Financial Times rapid growth ranking)

Studied bioinformatics at Keio University and worked as a researcher at IBM Research. After that, he went to England and wrote the core system and 9 core patents of the start-up company Ecrebo by himself, which rapidly grew to a market capitalization of over 10 billion yen. After returning to Japan, he led the information system development of the experimental robot "Mahoro" at AIST technology transfer venture RBI Co., Ltd., and then founded Epistra. Original papers in the fields of mathematical optimization, databases, and computational biology.


Takeshi Sakurada
PMP Co-Founder COO

• MA, bioinformatics


• Multiple start-up experience

•Experience in project management and operation management for large-scale system development

Studied systems biology at Keio University and demonstrated his skills in software development project management while still in school. Since then, he has accumulated management experience in business areas such as development and operation of mobile carrier payment systems, supervision of development departments, ISMS. At the time of the establishment of the NPO Whole Brain Architecture Initiative. Joined RBI Co., Ltd. with a wealth of development achievements and management experience. After that, he founded Epistra. US PMI Certified PMP


Koichi Takahashi
Ph.D. Co-Founder Technical Advisor

• Ph. D. Systems Biology

•Team Leader, RIKEN BDR

•Chief System Architect, The E-Cell Project

ex-CIO, Robotic Biology Institute Inc.

Team Leader, RIKEN Center for Biosystems Dynamics Research. He is also a specially appointed professor at Keio University, a visiting professor at Osaka University, and a board member of the Whole Brain Architecture Initiative. In addition to developing the world's first whole-cell simulator E-Cell, he was involved in the establishment of RBI Co., Ltd. and served as the first Chief Information Officer. He has published numerous papers in fields such as robotic biology, cell simulation, and brain-type artificial intelligence. Advocating AI-driven science.



Masayo Takahashi

Vision Care Co., Ltd.

Representative Director and President



Retinal regenerative medicine research and development project


Hiroaki Kitano

Sony Corporation managing director

Sony CSL Inc.

Representative Director, President, Director

Systems Biology Institute chairman


Sam Lawrence

Chief Customer Officer


500 Startups

EIR and Mentor


Eiji Takagi

Horizon Discovery Co., Ltd.

country manager

Former President of RBI


Hisashi Kashima

Kyoto University Graduate School of Informatics

Department of Intelligent Informatics Professor

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