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Epistra Long Term Intern Recruitment

Duties​ (purpose)

Provide solutions that maximize the value of data in life sciences and maximize customer outcomes

work to be entrusted

Depending on the applicant's aptitude and orientation, we would like you to be in charge of the following tasks, for example.

  •  Experimental parameter optimization engine development (and algorithm improvement) using Bayesian optimization

  • Development of biological image analysis software (microscopic images of cells, etc.)

  • Technical research and solution consideration (including research papers)

  • Implementation and execution of solutions including data analysis in real projects

I'm looking for someone like this

  • People who can take the initiative and actively carry out their duties

  • People who have a strong curiosity about cutting-edge technology and research, and who can keep up with cutting-edge information

  • A person who can imagine possible events and risks, and the intentions of other people's thoughts and actions


Hourly wage 1,500 yen ~ (pay raise depending on performance)

working conditions

  • Flex system. 8 hours a week~ (negotiable)

  • Side jobs and side jobs are allowed. It is OK to work concurrently with interns from other companies. We encourage you to improve your skills.

Qualification requirements

  • Development experience using Python

  • Basic knowledge of computer science

  • Basic knowledge of statistics and machine learning

  • Basic knowledge of cell biology (preferred)

Application target

Undergraduate students (all grades), graduate students (master's and doctoral students all grades)

Application requirements

You can apply at any time as we are hiring all year round.

Work location

Fully remote, no commuting required

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